Explore Italy With Us

Fantasy offers us pictures that open up like windows on our emotions, transforming them into lust for travelling. Endless destinations and combinations are often very complex to manage. Frayin International, thanks to its decennial experience, guarantees all your expectations, offering flexibility and security you need. We will choose together the best hotels, itineraries and activities, based on your desires!


Choose the place and time
Together we can select the best itinerary for your clients. It’s a group? A business delegation? An individual traveller? We can help you to find the right tailor made solution.


Define all the details
In a flexible way we can manage to fix together all the travel details and arrange a suitable payment policy to satisfy you and your valuable customer.


Relax and get a great feedback!

Once everything is settled up you will receive all the customized material for your travellers and you can relax your self. We will think of all the hassles during your client’s trip! And after the trip…get your deserved amazing feedback! 


Popular Attractions

Rome, Italy

Bagnoregio, Italy

Venice, Italy

Piedmont, Italy

Create the Perfect Itinerary

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the territory you can surprise your client with amazing itineraries out of the box. Make them live a smooth and unique trip to tell and keep in their memories for years.

Feel Safe and Guaranteed

Thanks to our 20+ years experience on the field you and your customers can feel safe that all the details are settled up and emergency plans have been activated for any uncertain event during the trip. Frayin International is a Tour Operator authorized and insured according to the local law.

Full itineraries and day tours

Wine tours, historical itineraries, relaxing beach holidays, luxury yacht services and many other on site products can be carefully quoted, organized and managed from our experienced staff. You can get advantage of our promotional material and use it to present the tour to your clients and make every trip an attractive product that cannot be missed! 


Completed Journeys


Rome Walking Tour

I received an excellent tour throughout the heart of Rome! The tour guide was very knowledgeable and hands on about the history behind each location. My spoke great English and even taught me a bit of Italian throughout the tour. I learned a lot and got to take great pictures. We spent just the right amount of time at each stop. 

Trip Advisor Review


Design Unforgettable Experiences

Create itineraries that will transform an ordinary trip in an enriching experience to share!

Cooking classes, balloon flights, panoramic hikings, truffle hunting sessions and much more. Create an à-la-carte menu for your customer to tailor the trip around their curiosity and passions. Allow your customers to immerse their self with the locals and they will never forget their trip.